Opening New Avenues – Certifications for Hotel and Catering Crews

Working in the hospitality industry has become a lucrative calling for many people. Whether it’s the low-stress environment, interaction with different people, or the salaries that continue to rise – working in hotels or catering services has now become a viable career.

To get ahead in the hospitality industry it’s important to have a certain mindset. Interpersonal skills are important, but so are the skills and knowledge needed to better perform your assigned tasks.

Having certifications related to your job not only assures you of being hired, but also gives you the opportunity to climb the management rungs.

In a hotel or catering job, it’s important to have certifications in sanitation and food safety standards, especially when you’re preparing food. Certificates in basic baking and professional cooking are helpful, as are certification for handling wine and spirits.

Having interpersonal skills are a given, but having the certification in guest service operations, crisis control, and even personal appearance and hygiene, could give you the edge in getting that job or that higher position you’re eyeing.

At higher positions, certifications in restaurant management and hospitality management are critical for you to be able to do the work required. Knowledge in those fields make you and your crew more productive and efficient, ensuring a better workplace and greater satisfaction for you and your guests.

There are numerous certification courses that can help you in your career in hospitality. There are even certifications in housekeeping and building maintenance. If you have flash and flair, certification in bartending will help you make all the right drinks with all the right moves.

Having the right knowledge and skillsets required for a job is critical for every employee. Having that knowledge and skillset certified makes you more credible and reliable, opening new avenues that will do wonders for your career.